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Laser engraved Plaques and Awards. I can provide quality laser engraved plaques for your
meets at very reasonable prices. Prices run from about $10.00 on up. Just let me know your
budget and we can give you the best plaque for your money.
We have did the plaques for the Scale Masters as well as many scale and old time meets.

New plans and laser cut parts.

Brian Taylor  Sorry to say that Brian does not plan on drawing any more plans.

A list of his plans and laser cut parts is available. His last plan was the 83” Spitfire MK 8/9 for
which I have plans, accessories and laser cut parts available

Laser cut parts for the Cessna 120 are available for $85.00.

Dennis Bryant  has not drawn anything for some time. Denise's Storch plan and laser cut
parts have been my best selling plan the past couple of years.  Laser cut parts are available
for his 72” and 94” Storch as well as the Tiger Moth. Now have parts cut for the 81” Lysander,
$125.00 + postage. Parts are available for the ME 163 now.

Plans and Laser cut WW1 parts. Laser cut parts are available for a number of my plans.
Fokker DVlll, DVll, E lll, DVA, Alb C 111 and Pfalz DXll.

Laser cut parts are available for his 1/4 and 1/6th scale SE5a’s.
Laser cut parts are available for the Grumman Skyrocket. You probably have seen the
pictures in the magazine of the 120” Skyrocket that was built from the Fred Coulson plan that I
had blown up. Laser cut parts run $85.00. Plan $35.00, cowls and canopy $75.00.

Laser cut parts are available for Jerry Bates 80” Hellcat plan. This plan uses the cowl and
canopy from my glass kit. Parts are $185.00, cowl and canopy $75.00. .

Laser cut parts are availble for many of the Jerry Bates plans. His newest plan is the Wacco

I laser cut the parts for Vic Catalasan’s P40B glass fuselage from Jerry’s plan. Laser cut parts
will be available for the P40E soon.

Have  laser cut parts for Mick Reeves 1/4 Scale Spitfire at $210.00. Plan $69.00, Cowl
$125.00 Canopy and spinner $60.00.

Over the years I have tried many ways to enlarge plans but the easiest way that I know of is to
take them to my local blueprint shop that does my printing. They have a OCE’ 9800 copy
machine that will enlarge plans to 36” with by any length. The 36” with means that on many
plans they must be put on two sheets. In the past it also has been expensive to have plans
blown up as they charge by the sq. ft. of the finished print.

My shop now is doing all my blueprints that are 36” with or less on the machine at a very
reasonable price. The prints are black line on bond paper which do not fade near as bad as
normal white prints.

I can have your plans blown up for about about $35.00  The machine can blow 200% at a
time only. Finished print can be no more than 36”. Over 36” will be blown on two pieces and
you can piece them back together.

Call for more information.