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I have been of service to the scale builder for ABOUT 40 years. Models from plans that I sell
have won everything from the world scale meets, Best of Show Toledo, the Masters, the
British Nats and many others.

Many things have changed over the years. At one time I tried to stock as many scale plans as
possible from  the USA and Europe.
I no longer stock the plans from the UK or German magazines although I do have a number of
the scale plans in stock and can supply these.

As many of the things in the Best Of Scale Catalog that I have had over the years are no
longer available  I now just have a number of lists of what is available.

I continue to stock the Brian Taylor plans and the Elite plans by Dennis Bryant. I also still have
the plans that I own
like the Mammoth Scale Plans and of course the Old Time plans. I also can supply the Epoxy
Glass fuselage as in the past.

I  have a laser cutter of my own and can supply laser cut parts for many of my plans. Let me
know which plans you would be interested in. I have the parts laser cut for many of the  plans
that I sell.

My laser has 100 watts of power and a 24”x48” vacuum table. Most engraving lasers will only
cut up to 24” sheets. I also have a splitter that lets me cut two sheets of balsa up to 1/8” thick
at a time.

I laser cut parts for many of the Brian Taylor plans, Elite plans and Jerry Bates plans.

I will try and answer your questions best as I can but please send a SAE  with any request not
going with a order.

All plans and scale drawings are only sold with the understanding that they will not be used in
any commercial way. Commercial cutting of parts prohibited without permission. Plans may not
be scaled up or down to be used in any commercial way.

Designers like Brian Taylor have spent a lot of time in research, drawing, building and test
flying before there plans are offered for sale. Unfortunately there are some people that want
to take a short cut and use someone's else,s work to got in the kit or plans business.

Many of my plans are listed on my web site at As I am slow making
changes everything may not be listed and some prices may have changed. I have a number
of paper lists that I can mail.

Brian Taylor, Elite, Mammoth Scale, Jerry Bates.

Laser cut parts are available for many of the Taylor, Elite and Jerry Bates plans.

Old time CAD drawn plans and laser cut parts.  Please send SAE with two stamps for list..
Many of the old time plans make great electric models. Have plans for both rubber and gas

DeBolt plans I bought a large box of original DeBolt plans that had been sold when the
company went bankrupt many years ago.
I have a number of these plans available now with laser cut parts. The Champ, Kitten and
Trainer are now available.

I still have most of the epoxy glass smi kits that I have stocked in the past. 64” Hellcat, 69” P-
51D, 80” FW 190A5/8, FW190D9, 80” Hellcat and Avenger. Call or email for more information
and prices.
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